Golden Group Real Estate Advisors | Brian Quarnstrom & Debbie Johnson
One of the benefits of listing with Golden Group Real Estate: you receive two local real estate agents for the price of one. Brian & Debbie have joined teams since they both are successful agents who have been in the marketing field for numerous years.  They can ensure that their clients are getting the highest quality residential real estate services.

By joining a team, their communication, marketing, and negotiation skills have enhanced. All of their clients are happy with their work. They will be more than happy provide you with references so you can contact them yourself!


To be the top real estate agent possible, it is crucial to use a tested and proven system. Our marketing education has allowed us to create a system that enhances our skills. We continuously use it and make modifications to it to ensure that we can handle the market in any condition successfully. The home market is continually changing. Therefore, it is important that you have innovative agents who do the job correctly.


With the ever changing real estate market, marketing is essential. You can no longer only put a sign out in your yard and expect your home to sell. When you choose a realtor, they should know this and have access to a variety of tools to get you in front of the maximum amount of potential buyers. More marketing means more exposure; this means more potential purchasers with a result of higher selling points. Brian & Debbie are always testing out new marketing resources to make sure that they stay ahead of the game. Feel free to ask them which tactics they use to ensure that each listing reaches the largest amount of potential buyers.


It is important to have clear and constant communication if you want to make sure that the deals stay together. Brian & Debbie understand the importance of being effective communicators. Brian is great in high-pressure situations since he has worked as a federal law enforcement agent, which provided him with the skills to be able to think straightforward when communicating. Other local agents agree with clients that Debbie is one of the most expert conversationalists in the market thanks to her broad background and experience.


Realtors differ because of their negotiation expertise. With us, we make sure that we always get what our clients want and we negotiate on their behalf until the deal has been closed. Please contact Brian & Debbie to schedule a no-obligation consultation!

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