Drinking al fresco isn’t normally a winter activity in Golden. But with level red restrictions back in place, Golden bars and restaurants are now closed for indoor dining. This means if you want that smoky old fashioned, you’re going to have to find somewhere outside to drink it.

Enter: the heated patio.

With temperatures plummeting, boozing outside next to a heater can be the difference between chill vibes and hypothermia. Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but heaters can make a big difference on a cold night, especially for teetotalers and little ones.

In a perfect world, every Golden patio is warm and toasty for your next happy hour. But the reality is much different. In propane heaters are the new toilet paper, Fast Company shares how demand for fire pits and outdoor heaters have skyrocketed, leaving some businesses struggling to obtain these items at a time when they’re already on thin ice financially.  

Lucky for us, some Golden bars and restaurants have stocked up on heaters to provide a comfy outdoor experience. Here’s where to drink outside in Golden today.

Heated patios in Golden

New Terrain offers the most heated tables in Golden

New Terrain

Pandemic or not, you can’t go wrong with New Terrain. The beer is delicious, the staff is friendly, and now with dozens of heated outdoor tables and private firepits, New Terrain is your best bet for drinking craft beer al fresco this winter.

Buffalo Rose remains open for “cozy outdoor dining”

Buffalo Rose

Another good bet for comfy outdoor drinks is Buffalo Rose. Taken from their Google profile on Nov. 24: “We remain open for cozy dining outdoors. We have radiant heaters, fire and lots of wind breaks. Wear layers, bring a blanket and enjoy our spaces and company for dinner or drinks!” Make your first order a Prospector: a shot of whisky with a Coors chaser.

The igloos at Tributary are the coolest get in town

Tributary Food Hall

Tributary makes outdoor drinking in winter not only tolerable but delightful! Golden first food hall now has five igloos, which are “clean, heated, comfy—and hold six people.” Igloos can be reserved by calling (303) 856-7225. Once you’re inside, order a tap cocktail delivered to your igloo and bask in the warm glow of the twinkling lights above.  

The new pergola at Golden City Brewery has six firebox tables

Golden City Brewery

GCB’s new pergola with table fireboxes is a hot place to grab a cold beer. Although these fireside tables are the Shangri-La of outside boozing, Golden’s second largest brewery also has several tables with propane heaters to keep the stragglers warm. Open 11-8pm daily.

Cast Iron Tavern

If you’re hungry for a snack with your propane-warmed pinot noir, Cast Iron Tavern is a good bet for upscale bar food and a respectable beer and wine list. Their west-facing heated patio gets the last of the sun, but these first-come, first-served heated tables don’t last long. Get there early and be sure to check their hours before you arrive.

For all you Wim Hof types who look down your frozen nose at heated patios, good news—plenty of Golden bars and restaurants remain open to outdoor seating in the cold.

You’ll also find spots with a handful of heaters. Places like Miner’s Saloon and Bridgewater each offer a warm table or two if Tributary’s igloos are taken.

Bottom line: not every Golden restaurant has a heated patio, but every restaurant could use your support right now. So grab a blanket, call your bubble buddies and head out for a drink. We’ll get through this winter one cold-ish beer at a time.